DJS 157

The DJS 157 has best seller speaker in our market now. It is a light weight, high power professional speaker in a traditional plastic cabinet for gereral use. The quality drivers including Kapton LF and high power new Titanium HF are key features of this speakers.

M1000 MK2

The Powered Mixer 1000MK2 will be discontinued fro the 2015. The upgraded model M1000 MK3 will be instead for shipment in the world. The M1000 MK2 has a great success in the market with high quality and clean sound. I would be first dual FX powered mixer in the Haymer Professional range.

Studio Condenser Microphone

The new condenser studio microphone comming soon in the market. This model has a complete kit including the schock mount, power supply, cable and microphone in a aluminium flight case.

New RM series

The RM section design team, has a new plane for these popoular series. They try to introduced the most attractive loudspeakers with resonable price with better quality for this level of products.


New Generation Dynamic Microphone

The new PDM-X1 is a new dynamic microphone special design for more efficiency and lower feedback at vocal. The new Alnico very powerful magnet and a new

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M1000 MK3 - Dual FX Powered Mixer

The new M1000 MK3 is the latest model in famous "M" series Powered Mixer. It has equipped with a top technology DSP effect processor.These dual DSP use

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New Conferance System

The New CDS800 controller and power supply is coming in early 2015. It will be named CDS800 MK3. This new model has a lot of improvements like better

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Mini Controller Mixer

After Z11 and their success with very high quality and string structure, the Haymer Professional team decided to design the new small controller mixer

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Bluetooth and USB Recorder

The new device for add to the mixer and power mixer in the "M" and "Z" series designed and finished the final testing. This device will be instead to

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DJS Mini Speakers

After the success of “DJS 53” Mini Professional Loudspeakers, New Mini “DJS” of “DJS 54” and “DJS 55” will be introduced in comming 2015. With new Improvements

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DJS Subwoofer

New products line of DJS Professional Speakers including 2 modewl 15" and 18" of active subwoofers. Like the other of DJS series, these subwoofer enjoy

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Z console Mixer

For the large area sound covering and big music band the new cosole mixer will be introduced in the end of 2105. The new "Z" console will be inculing

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Small Powered Mixer

The market reports from the Haymer Professional team said the market need the small powered mixer with medium quality. The designing team busy to introduced

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New Model “S 504”

The other model was created in successful “ S” family – designing of loud speaker “S-504“ in S-series related to home audio/video equipments designed successfully

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Medium Power M500

Following the remarkable success of “M” Series in appealing to the people, Haymer International Inc. R & D department has commenced a new project to improve

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About us

Haymer Professional is a professional sound equipment brand that started its activities in 1992. Haymer Professional aims to provide professional high value sound equipment but at reasonable prices. Haymer Professional was established by inexperienced team of professionals in the world of music, electronics and sound equipment with over 30 years of effective experience. Due to Haymer Professional’s organizational goals, the slogan of ‘by Professional for Professional’ has been quite realistic since the establishment and it found its real meaning in the organization.

Haymer Professional, like many other companies, started its activities at a very limited level and with the introduction of several models of dynamic microphones in Germany, but very quickly could introduce a remarkable and efficient collection of a variety of audio systems with high quality and at reasonable prices. Today Haymer Professional’s audio equipment has been well-received in many markets. Many of our customers are professionals, contractors, and musicians and according to the feedback received from them, in addition to improving the equipment, we are highly motivated to expand activities with higher values.

Haymer Professional’s design and manufacturing philosophy can be expressed in four basic principles:

  • Quality
  • Capabilities and high performance
  • Durability
  • User-friendliness

We love sound. We have over 30 years of direct experience in music and electronics industry. We know professionals’ needs and always have had the best answer for them. We adhere to ISO standards, and choose the best quality electronic parts, and the best raw materials even at higher prices to make equipment at Haymer Professional so as to achieve our clients’ satisfaction.

We are operating in the 21st century, a century of developments, competitions and victory of novel and intelligent ideas. We believe in the true and correct way of Haymer Professional’s activities and enjoy competing and facing with big brands. We know that Haymer Professional’s smart designs alongside manufacturing quality with the most modern production lines will be the best way for promotional and marketing activities. We never want to use cheaper raw materials and increase our products’ price at the cost of spending high advertising expenditures. This is our strategy, which proved right in the past years. The quality of Haymer Professional’s products proves right, as well.

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